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Australian’s love the great outdoors and any excuse for getting out into the outdoors with family and friends to be jumped at whether it is for sports, camping or even just for picnics. Our climate is known for it’s extremes, and this is why bringing a good quality shelter with you cane make a world of difference.


In our opinion, a portable gazebo is the ultimate shelter solution, whether you use it for camping, the backyard, the park, the jobsite or anywhere else, offering plenty of UV protection, and easy to setup they are eaisily one of the best options for shelter ANYWHERE.


Adventure Kings portable gazebos are available in two sizes – 3x3m and 6x3m – the 3m gazebo is our most popular size, with the 6m filling the needs of those who are looking for a much larger shelter for big gatherings, as a portable carport or racing pit.


The Adventure Kings Gazebo’s set up quick to offer excellent protection from the elements, whatever you’re doing. They feature strong, weather-resistant heavy duty steel frame that is capable of standing up effortlessly to bad weather where other similar competing gazebos simply buckle and fold. The ability to option up your gazebo up with a range of genuine Adventure Kings gazebo accessories, like gazebo walls, mosquito nets,and even a fully-enclosed gazebo tent, mesh flooring, LED camp light kits and more, to make your gazebo even more useful.


Because of the ease of setting up they’re great on the beach with the addition of a set of Adventure Kings Sand Bags, on a beautiful grassy campsite, and in just about any terrain. They are an especially great option for using as a communal shelter for your group or positioning over the top of your swag for even better waterproofing when it downpours.


There is a high demand in the market for portable, practical shelters, that are not only simple to set up, but functional for use in the harsh Aussie environment. So Adventure Kings have recently developed some of the best value portable pop up gazebo Gazebos on the market. Built to be tough and durable, with legs that are easily set to the correct height with spring loaded pins.


protect it in just about any environment from the corrosive coastal salt air found at the beach to the iron rich moisture attracting red dust found in the vast Australian bush.


The whole Adventure Kings Gazebo Range is simple and fast to set up when you arrive at camp, the beach or even in the back yard and the whole kit includes a handy and durable carry bag that allows you to easily pack and transport the whole lot wherever you need to!


Adventure Kings Gazebo range has, many upgrade options such as the easy to attach Gazebo Tent, Gazebo Walls and the Adventure Kings Gazebo Hub the Gazebo Hub offers a great new way to add extra shelter without removing the practical and usable space you have under you adventure Kings Gazebo.


The Gazebo hub simply attaches to the side of the Gazebo directly to the side frame of the Gazebo and offers an additional 7.15m² of sheltered and enclosed space at camp. The Gazebo hub is easy to set up and is great for adding privacy to your campsite. Fully waterproof and with midge proof mesh doors and windows, the cool breeze easily flows through, whilst the simple four pole design lets you set yours up in a snap, as soon as you get to camp, so you have more time to kick back and relax.


Adventure Kings Gazebo’s are a great camping accessory and whilst offering a great fast shelter when you get to camp, they make a great additional shelter over the top of your Adventure Kings Swag, to keep the morning sunshine off to let you sleep in a little longer. The Adventure Kings Gazebo Range is perfect for any campers looking to add more sheltered area with minimal fuss!


It is surprising just how easily you can set up your Adventure Kings gazebo can be setup in literally just a few seconds simply stand the Gazebo on its feet and spread the legs diagonally, gradually walking out the opposite legs, you can also do this single handed by pegging out one corner and lifting the diagonal up and out resulting in the gazebo’s heavy duty steel frame unfolding with its concertina design automatically setting up the whole gazezbo! Both the 3m x 3m and the 6m x 3m legs are fully adjustable as well and can be adjusted through 3 separate settings all the way up to maximum head height offering a total of 2380mm head clearance thanks to the easy to set button operated spring detents which easily lock into place.


The Gazebo’s thick and durable waterproof canopy is made out of an extremely durable 420D Oxford polyester waterproof fabric stretched over the high peaked supported roof for maximum water shedding. The Adventure Kings gazebo canopies are both independently UPF50+ tested to ensure the fabric offers the best UV protection in any environment, these are some of the toughest and easiest to use Gazebos that we’ve ever seen at Unsunshop and are happy to carry them in our range!


With the early success and unbeatable performance of the incredible value 3m x 3m Gazebo reinforced by overwhelming positive customer feedback meant that naturally, Adventure Kings had to develop a bigger version to cater to the requirement for more shelter with more covered space, whilst still being just as easy to set up. The result is the Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo. Other brands struggle to scale up the larger sized gazebos to be as durable in larger sizes, but with the Adventure Kings heavy duty steel frame, it didn’t need any upgrading or modifications for strength, we’ve even tested them in 45km/h winds and had no issues at all!


On top of the foundation range of the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo and the Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo mesh wall, there are plenty of upgrades you can grab for less than a case of beer, including the handy 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m Mesh Flooring that allow sand and dirt to fall straight through, or an Illuminator 4 bar or 5 bar camp light kit for fully customized low current draw night time illumination.


In more recent and exciting news, the eagerly-anticipated range of Kings gazebo accessories has just launched. These accessories are guaranteed to make your gazebo more versatile and comfortable no matter what you choose to use it for. Whether your 6m x 3m gazebo is setup as a base camp for you and your friends, or your 3m x 3m gazebo keeps the sun, wind and rain off you and the kids during weekend sports, these clever and affordable gazebo accessories will come in extremely handy and improve the value of your setup.


Starting off we have a waterproof 3x3m gazebo side wall. Use this to create extra privacy and protection from the wind. It’s super easy to install thanks to its ties and Velcro straps, and will fit on your 3x3m or 6x3m gazebo. Of course we offer exceptional value combo deals with this wall to save you even more money as well.


If you’re after a fully enclosed living space for your gazebo, look no further than the mosquito net. Mozzie-proof 150g see-through mesh is perfect to keep bugs out but let a nice breeze in. And a 400GSM bucket floor will keep your feet dry and stop insects crawling through the bottom. Perfect for keeping the flies at bay during a lunchtime cook-up, or great if you like sleeping in the open air on a stretcher but don’t want to be harassed by mozzies at night, the Kings gazebo mozzie net is a real winner and will surely win you some brownie points from your better half at camp!


The final addition to the new accessory range is the Kings gazebo tent. This high-roof, weather and waterproof addition to your 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m gazebo will make you the envy of the campground. Superior privacy and shelter, great ventilation thanks to the mozzie netting on the windows and doors, and super easy to setup – it’s no wonder this has been such a hit! Fit snugly to your 3x3m gazebo or put it on one half of your 6x3m gazebo (and leave the other half for a mozzie net, or open living with a gazebo wall or two, there’s no better way to fit out your gazebo than with a legendary gazebo tent.


After the sun has set, you need a way to light up your campsite and the steel frame of the Adventure Kings Gazebo presents you with many different options suitable for the whole range of LED Camping Lights. Starting with the Kings LED Strip Light, this 1.3m light can be clipped or Velcro’d into place using the stitched in fasteners, if you were looking for more light, you can look at the Kings 4-meter 12v LED strip which can be fastened with the included Velcro ties around the whole perimeter or even across the entire horizontal length of your gazebo.


For a more controllable light the Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit, this kit includes dimmer switches and each LED bar uses magnetic holders that are built in, allowing them to be fastened easily, anywhere on the Gazebo’s steel frame. This is one of the more popular ways to light up the area underneath the gazebo thanks to the simplicity of the 4 bar kit and the versatility of the magnets.


Finally the Adventure Kings Camp Lighting Range offers campsite lighting for larger campsites, the Kings 5 Bar Camp Light Kit offers similar features to the 4 Bar, but with an additional light, extra extension leads and a dimmer for each light, making it the most customisable and controllable light kit in the range and it even includes a roll up organiser to keep track of all the parts of the kit.


No campsite is truly complete unless it has highly efficient 12v LED Campsite Lighting that can be run with minimal power consumption and maximum lighting output, there is a lighting setup for everyone at Unsunshop.


There are dozens of gazebo’s available on the market but there aren’t many that are as tough and durable as the Adventure Kings gazebo range, particularly in the price range of these hard to beat bang for buck gazebos on offer from Unsunshop are seriously competitive with some of the most expensive gazebos on the market!


When camping, adding a mesh floor underneath your setup makes camping so much more pleasant, the Kings Mesh floor range offers 3 sizes perfect for gazebos, starting with the 3m x 3m size which fits easily underneath our 3m gazebo, the 5m x 2.5m which works great with our Adventure Kings Awnings Range and finally the 6m x 3m Mesh Floor which fits perfectly underneath the 6m Gazebo.


The Mesh floor is cool to touch even when it has been in the sun all day, and will let sand and dirt fall straight through and prevent it coming back up, making for a much cleaner, bindy and grass seed free campsite!


With all of these excellent features and with the prices that is so unbelievably competitive, there is an Adventure Kings gazebo setup that suits your setup has the gear you need to get out there for less!


Not sure of exactly what you’re after, or whether something will work for your setup? We’ve got you covered! Call us 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm Sat-Sun to talk to our friendly team of camping and Unsunshop experts, or send us an email service@unsunshop.com for a quick response. We live and breathe this stuff – and we’d love to help you.